sound change

Post-lexical /s, z/-retraction in Manchester English: An ultrasound-tongue-imaging and lip-camera study

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[ʃ]tranger things have happened: Retraction in (str) and (stj) clusters in Manchester English

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When sound change isn’t led by social change: The case of Northern English (ng)

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Revealing covert articulation in s-retraction

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Gradience and categoricity in s-retraction: An ultrasound study of Manchester English

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Retraction on Coronation [ʃ]treet: An ultrasound-tongue-imaging study of s-retraction in Manchester English

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Synchronic evidence for diachronic pathways of change: /g/-deletion and the life cycle of phonological processes

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A stationary frequency effect in Manchester English

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A constant rate effect in Manchester /t/-glottalling: High-frequency words are ahead of, but change at the same rate as, low-frequency words

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